The House

Casa "Los Pipous" can accommodate up to 8 people. Come and enjoy the large garden and the swimming pool with your family or friends.

Photo de la maison vue du ciel.
Icône orange d'une personne.

8 people

The villa can accommodate up to 8 people.
Icone d'un lit.

4 rooms

2 double rooms and 2 single rooms which can be double.
Icône d'une douche.

2 bathrooms

1 bathroom and 1 shower room.
Icone de vaisselle.

Full Kitchen

The kitchen is fully equipped with all the necessary utensils.
Photo de la terrasse.
And other great perks
Symbole d'un flocon de neige

Air conditionner

Symbole d'un thermomètre

Central warming

Big garden





Wifi (fiber)

Picture of a kitchenPicture of the poolPicture of the terrasse in the sun with a summer hat.Picture of the bathroomPicture of a full table with plenty of foodPicture of one of the rooms